Sunday, March 23, 2008

Milan-San Remo: So Smooth

Can you call something so powerful smooth? Somehow they both work. Maybe it's the lyrics in my head, "Gimme your heart make it real, Or else forget about it." I have a feeling I have used that line before, but how better to describe Fabian Cancellara's decisive move? That aerial shot was fantastic, showing his glance back and then making the acceleration, such power and effort, what a great move. That's the kind of power that can only come from instinct. No time to overthink, just go with your gut.

A guy with such a mellifluous name as Fabian Cancellara shouldn't need so many nicknames, but I guess one is always looking for more words to describe his Fab-ness, so we get The Bear, Tony Montana, and Spartacus. Whatever you call him, the dude can ride a bike. He comes off a little arrogant in interviews, but why the heck not, when you can deliver like that. And there's always a sense of fun along with it, so a lot can be forgiven. As long as he doesn't have a corresponding portrait like this (click on number 4, if you dare) over his mantel, we're okay (thank you, Joe Lindsey - or not, given that such a thing is now forever seared into my brain).

Nice last week, San Remo yesterday, I'm loving these races by the water in nice weather, so gorgeous. And such exciting racing. One powerful attack after the other, each with heavy hitters so had to be taken seriously. I never, ever want to ride a bike on those twisty, steep, narrow roads, but I'll never tire of watching the pros do it. With the sun coming through the buildings, and the bent legs as the riders lean in unison, what a sight. I'm glad there wasn't the bloodbath of last year, though we did get a couple of hair-raising crashes this time around.

In the kudos department, to Will Frischkorn, for spending most of the race out in front, flying those Slipstream Chipotle colors as we've come to expect this year. I hope potential title sponsors are taking note, if you go with the burrito boys, guaranteed major air time. And to with High Road, Thomas Lovkvist making another great showing, with George Hincapie at hand as usual. And of course CSC, showing their power and class once again. Not just in the win, but in the way they displayed teamwork at its best in the fantastic chase. I don't think Liquigas are looking for a sponsor at the moment, but they were a major part of that great chase as well, I trust they took pride in their second place.

With such a fine race, I guess I can't blame Versus for having it take up most of the show, but Tirreno-Adriatico got short shrift in the process. They didn't even show Ricco's bike toss, and gave a bit of a misimpression on the steep climb - it wasn't just the motorbikes making guys walk! Ah well, at least they showed it, so we can see who's going well, and appreciate Fabian's double win. And if you didn't have enough fun with all that, you could watch both American Flyers and Breaking Away on cable tonight, how much more cheesy goodness could you want? (Not to mention helpful research for the Dave Zabriskie - Kevin Costner survey.)

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Nikki said...

Good writes again! Tony most certainly is looking good isn't he? They can bring on the nicknames as long as we get good pics and video coverage. :-)

When you watch Breaking Away, make sure you check out C's dad!