Friday, May 16, 2008

Giro d'Italia 2008 Stage 6: Smile

A few smiles from yesterday:

Rumor has it Pavel Brutt was something of a wheelsucker on his Stage 5 win, no such problems with Matteo Priamo. He did more than his share of work in the break from the break, and won off the front coming to the line.

Giovanni Visconti also made a great effort to the line, and traded in his national champion's jersey for pink. When he got the news that pink was his, he broke into a tremendous grin that didn't leave his face through the whole post-race show. Watching dreams come true before your eyes is a joy to behold.

Enrico Gasparotto has been a staple at the front this week, looking focused as he led the Barloworld train for Mauricio Soler. So it was a delight to see him in a more relaxed mode on the post-race show, being interviewed by a little girl. Gasparotto's grin was as big as Visconti's as the girl earnestly asked her questions. I had no idea what they were saying of course, but the smiles needed no translation and it's such precious moments that keep me tuned in to RAI despite my language deficit.

Dave Zabriskie's latest blog entry (May 15) made me smile, laugh, and cry. One of many things he is sure to pass on to his little one is a healthy dose of perspective. Another brilliant entry by a brilliant guy, I hope he is resting well now.

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