Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Giro d'Italia 2008 Stage 5: Arrrgh-yle Redux

Alright, for those of you searching on "David Millar bike throw," or "David Miller bike toss," or "hurl," or whatnot, here is what youtube has so far. But really, I would hold out for live action, because the slo-mo doesn't do Millar's throw justice. [And here we go, check out the full-speed Eurosport highlight at Steephill.]

He's already had someone tsk tsk-ing him on the team site, but most of the comments are supportive. I'm firmly in the latter category - what else is there to do in such a situation? Grand Tour. Made the break that got away. The break stayed away to the finish. He looked to be the strongest in said winning break. His chain broke. In the final kilometer. If ever there was a moment to hurl a bike, that's it. Millar and Jonathan Vaughters each have pitch-perfect post-race reflections, typical of what makes Slipstream-Chipotle such a loveable team.

Millar seemed to convey the same sentiments in a gracious interview on the RAI post-race show. I still have a little of my high-school French, and I think he said something about wanting to still win a stage here. Looking forward to it, David, great attitude!

I really have to learn Italian. I don't know what they're saying most of the time, but I still feel confident that RAI has the best race coverage on the planet. The camera shots - of the fans and of the race, groovy music intros, creative video montages, on-screen stats like the respective speeds of the break and the chase, comments on the scene, lengthy post-race show with several riders hanging out to chat, and an overall congenial attitude make it a pleasure in any language. They were even rockin' Green Day today, love it!


Nikki said...

I was hoping you'd write before I signed off. :-) Watching that this morning almost had me saying the F*Bomb for him! I was talking to John right after it happened and he had me cracking up with his stories of his recent visit from the TTT camp. Such good stuff.

I agree that RAI has some great coverage but I don't know but a few words that the gang at PC have enlightened me with to listen in for. I had a semester of German, 3 years of Spanish, and many years of learning/teaching sign language. Many years later, I can recall more sign language than all other languages combined. Sad. I might need to check out some Rosetta Stone before this year is done!

Nikki said...

Julie -
I so hope you have seen this. I LMAO!!!

Julie said...

Yes, I went there after his May 6 entry, can't wait to try it! His latest entry is too much, what a sweetheart!