Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tour of California Stage 1: Field of Dreams

Versus is killing me with this late schedule, so I'm just going to rip through this one, kind of like how they ripped through today's race. I can't get over this field, I have to keep pinching myself - he's here, and him, and him, and oh yeah him! Kudos to the ToC, long may it reign. And a women's crit thrown in for good measure, more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

David Millar continues to make the most of his second chance - dropping the field just like that to lead Tyler Farrar out for one of the intermediate sprints, and then pouring it on again towards the end of the stage. Right out of the chute, showing the same passion that was so endearing in last year's Tour de France. I'm glad he made it back into the peloton before second chances were taken off the menu.

I swear Paul was going to say "big Belgian butt," about what Tom Boonen has to drag over the mountains. Cracked me up, he caught himself and hastily said "body" instead.

Levi's kit is more Up With People than Captain America, yes? Who decides that - is it US Cycling, or the team designer? Snappy little outfit, granted, but it doesn't scream USA. Maybe that's the idea, the man does have to ride overseas after all. I wonder if he likes it, or if it's like the year the Olympic medals were mostly glass - you've been dreaming about wearing it your whole life, and then this is what you get. Update: Ah, the wonders of newly installed DSL - I can now watch VeloNews videos to my heart's content. And upon doing so, saw that Neal Rogers helpfully asked Levi about his kit. Levi acknowledged that people are loving or hating it, Neal loves it, Levi asked for something different than the jerseys of recent years, Trek designed it, Levi likes it a lot. Thanks Neal!

Speaking of kits, got a better look at BMC and CSC today - everyone's going with the white theme! I guess Rock Racing used up all the black crayons. Don't even get me started on the whole barbed-wire thing, fashion statement indeed.

Georgie, Georgie - seriously, dude, can we not make crashing in California a tradition? Looks like you made it out relatively okay today, please, stay healthy!

I hate to have the broadcast only be an hour, but it does keep you on the edge of your seat, phew! Way to go JJ and CSC, see y'all tomorrow!

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