Saturday, February 23, 2008

ToC Stage 6: Cheeky Dos And Don’ts

A world-class time trialer taking a flyer in the final circuit to try and grab the yellow jersey - cheeky at its best. Hanging on to the team car to regain the pack and then charging to the front to try and take the sprint - not so much.

David Millar was the former, making the one move he could on the day. I love his fighting spirit, his not taking a moment for granted, and his refusal to be complacent with a well-deserved second place. I hope tomorrow provides greater opportunities for such fireworks.

And of course the latter is Mark Cavendish. I'm sure it wasn't an easy thing to work his way back up front and get across the line first. But if you get even the briefest chance to rest on the car before you do that, it can't be a legitimate victory. And so it was that he was rightly relegated. One could jump all over him for such a move, but it's not like no one else tries it now and again. Totally different context, much further from the finish, but let's remember Levi got nailed for the same thing in last year's Tour de France and it cost him second place on the final podium. Young Mark lost his win, lesson learned perhaps, I hope he doesn't make any stupid moves tomorrow in revenge.

Still waiting to hear about the injuries of Freddie Rodriguez and Vladimir Gusev, hope it's not too bad for either.

So an unusual end, in more ways than one, to a fairly routine day. (Easy for me to say, I know.) I guess the guys were pretty tuckered from the previous couple of days. I hope they've recovered a bit and give us a little more action for the final day tomorrow!


cat2bike said...

Julie, I forget just how well you write!! Great posts! You really must write something for Cathy's new site, US Cycling Report!!
Between the race, our lousy weather and the fact that my swollen knee kept me out of the gym the last 3 days, I've been on the computer more than 10-15min at a time. Plus my bike is at the shop, getting serviced and upgraded for the season. Even new wheels, I can hardly wait!!

Julie said...

Thanks T! Sorry to hear about your knee! I've had a pulled rib muscle for about a month, not conducive to the exercise routine! I talked to my bikes today as I took out the trash, telling them they would get to play soon. ;-) We had snow on Friday, but it was 40s and sunny today, I almost went for a ride out of desperation!

Jan - I forget where you are in relation to me, but we have another snowstorm headed our way on Tuesday, enough already!