Thursday, July 26, 2007

TdF Stage 17: I Hear A Symphony

When text updates simply aren't enough, I pull up Dutch television on my computer to keep an eye on what's happening at the Tour. (Which means I watch some parts of the stage three times before the day is done, but that's a therapy subject for another time.) It being Dutch, I turn down the volume. So there I was today, just wanting a glimpse at faces and attitudes and mood in the peloton. I had NPR playing classical music on my radio, and there were the riders gliding through the heat and sunflower fields in their various bright colors. And it was really cool. It was relaxing, reassuring, and affirming.

There was a Disco rider (Popo?), with a gently guiding hand to place Contador in the sweet spot in the line - that's you, Kid, slide in. (Although, I did notice that Levi actually occupied that second-to-last spot in the Disco train for most of the day. The Kid may be "in" yellow, but Levi still wears number one.) And there was Chris Horner making Cadel Evans smile. And there was the break, David Millar with his purple body and Jens Voigt with his bandaged leg, this is what it's all about. Phil and Paul are great, but every once in a while, I would highly recommend turning them down and turning the music up and just letting the beauty soak in.

Speaking of Phil and Paul, kudos to them for mentioning the trees in Mali several times. Poor David Millar was in a press conference about the trees when the Vino news broke, and was sure everyone would forget all about it. Millar's time in the breakaway today will double the trees planted for every kilometer he rode.

I have no idea what Robbie said about the finish today, I couldn't take my eyes off the enormous T-Mobile bus headed straight for him!

Christian Vande Velde's diary at VeloNews is always a must-read, and no less so today. He's going to be so happy to see that baby girl of his when the race is over, how sweet that will be.


cat2bike said...

Oh, Julie, thank you for the link. I sometimes have trouble finding the cyclist diaries. And today, not much time on the computer, so I wasn't sure how the riders were taking all of this. Christian's level-headed. Brad's blog mentioned the TdF, and how pitiful it was. So I think the riders themselves are not feeling sorry this year for anyone thats getting caught. This is all so different from last year. I wonder if LNDD has their act together on the T tests. The Cofidis rider admitted what he had done.
I love your description of watching and listening to music. I'm never in one spot long enough to listen to the radio, and at night, after everyone else leaves; I crank up a CD, that I've heard 100s of times.
Time for bed. I've got to get through tomorrow, then I can ride, watch racing and sleep as much as I want to!!


Anonymous said...

Nice post again, Julie! I did notice the way that some of the DC guys were taking care of Contador. I was happy to see the team looking so comfortable in control of the race again.

Glad you mentioned the trees in Mali that Millar was speaking about the other day. What a great initiative from the team, which was unfortunately completely overshadowed by the doping news that followed.

Love Christian Vs diaries, but forget to look them up - thanks.

Can't wait for the TT tomorrow!!!