Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TdF Cluster@&$# Day: Vut Game Play?

But you know, in the moment, it was still a beautiful thing. And therein lies the problem, I suppose.

Flat out of time, and really ought to get a few hours sleep before the big stage, so I'll just leave it at those who are in the best position to comment and who have echoed my sentiments precisely:

David Millar, as quoted by Agence France, via TBV:

I'm sad. He's one of my favorite riders. You can't do that to cycling; you can't do that to clean riders; you can't do that to the Tour de France. I race the Tour de France without a single injection. I want people to believe in my sport; I want people to believe in the Tour de France.

Christian Vande Velde, at VeloNews:

Cycling will always be a beautiful sport no matter how many people disgrace it. And the Tour de France will always be the headliner.


cat2bike said...

Julie, you picked two very good cyclists to express their feelings; and ours. David Millar starting shedding tears, and when asked if he was okay, he said he just felt like crying. After what he went thru, I'd be crying too.


Phil said...

It is heartbreaking. I could do a whole diary on growing up loving Willie Mays and the Giants and now not following current events. I know that steroids do not make one a better hitter, it doesn't improve eye/hand coordination but still it bothers me. It adds power so that long flies become homers. It's wrong.

In cycling the doping is more serious because it does provide a noticeable boost and it has become prevalent (there's the cloud over Rasmussen right now). For those who ride day in and out without that advantage it's so unfair. Even as I write this I can see Julie's 1st paragraph on Stage 15. It's sad, it's awful but I see no solution besides stringent testing, total access and strict accountability. For instance, Rasmussen not being available before the Tour..sorry, you don't ride.

It will be an interesting stage and I expect to see a number of riders crack. I also think Contador may be the first? rookie to win and if he's using I'm going to be very pissed.

Julie said...

Phil - Contador wouldn't be the first, we had this discussion over at Sara's a few days ago, I want to say Fignon? Damn, can't remember now, but it was relatively recent.

Boonen made a comment today that Cadel Evans is the first clean rider, and Evans was quite heartened by it. I finally got a clearer answer on Contador and OP yesterday from Johan (watching his press conference), and it does appear he was truly cleared just a week later. But you do have to wonder.

Julie said...

Oh yeah, plus he's not a rookie. He was Astana-non-grata last year, but he rode the Tour the year before that.