Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love and Hugs to Garmin-Chipotle

My version of the Serenity Prayer today was to listen to Green Day's American Idiot album at high volume, and I have to say it worked rather well. One of the great albums of all time, that.

So yesterday was like when John Paul sent the text message to Sarah so she would find out about him and Craig and...yeah, nevermind, no one's going to get that Hollyoaks reference. I don't regret the emotions, they're still there, but it was perhaps rash to haul Jonathan Vaughters into it wholesale. So, sorry JV, and thank you for your lovely official comment today. Paul Kimmage is a brilliant idea - now we'll see if Lance really means it about full transparency. Still proves nothing about the past, but if this thing is going to happen, Kimmage is the number one choice. I liked Bob Stapleton's comments also, nice and straightforward, not afraid to call it as he sees it. Well done by the two teams threatened most by the blinding light that is Lance coverage.

Tom Danielson's remarks were intriguingly gushing, especially given how Lance has sneered at him lately. Is he angling to get "back" on Astana?

Enough of the blinding light, how about that Garmin-Chipotle team in Missouri today? Awesome ride by Christian Vande Velde to take yellow - don't let it go VdV! And top rides by Dave Zabriskie, Tom Danielson, Danny Pate, and Steve Cozza, way to go boys! All of this sadly tempered by the horrible crash of Blake Caldwell, medical report here. Sending all best wishes to Blake for a good recovery.

Great ride by George Hincapie as well. Now if I can just get the on-demand video to play all the way through, I might actually get to see some of this race.

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