Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Day

Disco realized they had to explain themselves, and made some interesting comments. (I use "Disco," because it's easier than naming the four guys, and has always meant the team rather than the sponsor anyway.) So, it was a walking away more than a being forced out. I mean, the environment is what they decided they didn't want to deal with, but it was them deciding rather than a lack of sponsors. There's spin there, but I think the spin is backing up why they wanted to leave, not the fact that they did want to leave. The story on Johan (same link) also provides some insight - how this is how he's made each cycling decision along the way, quick and painless. Painless for him, of course; we can still feel bad for the riders and staff. But for the four horsemen, if they're not feelin' it anymore, it makes sense to leave. We thought they might be good pillars for the future of cycling, but if they don't want to fight that fight, as Lance said, they're not our guys. So long, and thanks for all the fish; we'll always have Paris. (someone had to say it ;)

Speaking of fish, plenty other in the sea to be happy about. As Axel Merckx says goodbye, we have a gene-pool double-dipper in Taylor Phinney, who just won the Junior World Time Trial Championship. That's got to be the best medicine for Dad.

The Tour of Germany is under way, with Robert Forster taking the opening stage. As the man said himself, a German rider, on a German team, in a German race, that's got to soothe things in Germany a bit. Also fun to read about Fabian Cancellara working for JJ Haedo, love that team spirit. And next up is a TTT, what's more fun than that?

And Floyd is racing his bicycle, can I get an Amen? As I said, it's been so soothing to read about him training the last few weeks. It's where he belongs, and it means he'll have fun on Saturday. Fun in that blood, sweat, tears, pushing themselves to the limit way that professional cyclists like to have fun. :-)


Anonymous said...

Amen. And: Can we get a decision??????

Anonymous said...

OK, not related to the current blog, and I agreed with all you wrote (elsewhere) but one:

"I don't hear Marty asking anyone to leave - he's just saying he'd prefer to not get so far off-topic."

Unfortunately, there was no topic. That's the point, everyone made their own. All were welcome, in my eyes. Boring to some? Perhaps, but I find them amusing. I say change the subject if it's not to one's taste.

Your idea of closing shop when on vacation is a good one. Some stated preferences would help too. But I won't worry about it any further.

thanks, catherine

cat2bike said...

Julie, I had a problem with the fact that the main guys made the decision and not one word to the team as they walked away. I'm not so sure even George knew, he's been talking to Stapleton for a long time.....Picture of him talking to BS at the tour of CA. That was last Feb, before anyone knew anything.

So great to see Floyd on his bike, with his game face on!!! Made me want to cry!!!